Casino Bonus Types

Casino games of all sorts such as roulette are popular worldwide and the world of online gambling has made these games available to more people than ever before. Earning free casino bonuses is just one of several perks of payments that can be awarded to new and existing casino players.

Monthly Casino Bonus

Some casinos will provide recurring bonuses to their existing customers at absolutely no cost. These monthly casino bonuses are usually awarded in the form of a set amount of cash at the beginning of the month. While some casinos do not offer monthly bonuses at all, others pay out quite a bit of money to their regular players each and every month. Depending on a player's personal style, the monthly casino bonus could be the best bet.

New Players and Exclusive Bonuses

New players often receive some of the best bonuses in the gaming industry. These bonuses can range from free casino cash to use during a trial period or even a certain amount of time or free spins that allow the players to keep all of their winnings. Exclusive bonuses can only be found in certain casino types and on certain casino networks. These bonus awards can vary from free cash to free spins as well.

Refer-A-Friend Bonuses

Refer-A-Friend Bonuses are quite possibly the easiest bonuses to earn; players must simply refer friends, family members and colleagues to create an account at the participating casino. Refer-A-Friend bonuses are often free from wagering requirements, meaning players can use them right away and they can be cashed out at any time. Sometimes Refer-A-Friend bonuses are awarded in the form of free plays or an hour of free play time.

People who enjoy visiting online casinos like should remember to take advantage of all of the bonus opportunities presented to them. Some of them require players to make deposits; the bonuses listed here are absolutely free, however.