Asia365 Payments

Catering to the Asian market in general, Asia365 is an online payment gateway that serves to facilitate e-commerce by allowing consumers to make purchases online without revealing any of their sensitive personal information to merchants including online casinos like

About Asia365

In order to use the services provided by Asia365 to fund an online casino games account, players must first create an account at the company's website. This process is simple and only takes a few moments; the player must create a username and password as well as provide a source of funding for their Asia365 account. In order to add funds to a casino account using Asia365, the player will then visit their online casino of choice and choose the banking options page. From here, it is simple enough to select Asia365 and then enter their username and password as well as the amount to deposit.

The Advantages of Asia365

Consumers who are concerned with the potential for fraud and identity theft can use Asia365 in order to make payments to thousands of merchants not only to online casino bonus. Signing up for and using Asia365 is a simple and quick process that allows players to make both large and small deposits into their online casino accounts. The account can be funded with several different payment sources such as bank accounts, credit cards, and even person-to-person money transfers.

Asia365 is a very popular payment gateway for players all over the continent of Asia; worldwide merchants are beginning to value this popularity and are including Asia365 as a payment method on their websites, as well.